Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Faster Recovery Run 11ks

Legs still felt a bit sore from Sundays race. The front of my left shin felt really tight in the muscle all day. So decided to give up the speed session today and just stay on the grass.

Ran into Centennial Park on a very windy and humid night. 19 degrees and 80% humidity.

Ran 11.2ks in 55:04. Average pace of 4:55 per klm.


Blue Dog's Mum said...

That's two recovery runs in two days.

So it can be assumed that the second recovery run was a recovery run to help you recover from the first recovery run.

An interesting concept. Different, but interesting. Hope you recover soon:)

Oh, by the way Paul, it's midweek, which means that it is time for you to make another hilarious prediction about an upcoming PB this weekend.

Lil' Bluey and I love these. You are one of the genuinely funniest guys we know.

Cheerio, Blue Dog's Mum.

Scott said...

Hello Superflake

Followed you here from Matty's blog and I was reading yours.
I'm thinking whether or not I can run the next Canberra marathon. It may be a bit too soon for my sub 3hrs attempt but I might run there anyway. I'll continue to drop in, if you don't mind.


AuntyK said...

Flakey - it's very funny to have Bluedog's mum dropping by again.. a good laugh for me today.

Good choice running on the grass... just ignore BD's mum :)

Cheers, AK

Don Juan said...

About time you gave that bitch a spanking Flake (BD's mum).

Good idea to stay on the grass.