Thursday, October 19, 2006

Recovery Run 15.3ks

Just had to call it that because I know Blue Dog's Mum loves the title. haha.

Did a couple of laps of Centennial Park with an extended bit on the 1st lap running down Moore Park Rd instead of around the fence down to the horse gates.
A fair bit of the run was on grass but plenty on the tar footpaths.

Ran 15.3ks in 73:26. Average pace of 4:47 per klm.

Felt quite good on the legs. Pretty windy and humid as well. I guess that is spring and summer.


Clairie said...

A recovery run averaging 4:47min/km um thats just so cool.

It is good when you can run on the grass alongside the paths, feels so much better on the joints.

2P said...

I'd need a recovery van at that pace - nice run SF.

R2B said...

Nice "recovery" run SF!

Do you ever see Blue Dog's Mum out there hitting the pavements?

Tesso said...

Looking good for the Internal Half Flakey.