Sunday, September 09, 2007

Bridge to Bridge 10k Fun Run

After the SMC race I drove over to Putney for this 5/10k race. Very hilly, but a good hitout for Sydney Marathon.
A very fast start but with me not measuring the course and no k markers I was in the dark on my pace.
At one stage in the first 2ks I was ahead of Both Eliza Stewart and Jenny Wickham. Must have been too fast at the start. The race went ok and we had a couple of parks to cross and up and down a few stairs, plus even a bush track for about 50m. These fun runs think of everything.

At about the 6k mark the race turned ugly as myself and a couple of other runners following the arrows turned left even though the runners only 100m ahead went straight. We did our section and ended back on the same road again about 4mins later. One of the marshalls commented had there been a stuff up, apparently so.
We continued onto the finish and I ended with 40:19 for my 10k.

What happened was that the two fun run kings having a match race, Horne and Harrison turned left like we did. No problem.
Now as I believe I was back in about 20th-25th spot. Every runner between the two Kings and myself went straight ahead up the hill instead of turning left like the course says.

I told the officials at the finish about everyone running short. When the results came out messers Horne and Harrison were in 3rd and 4th spots which is impossible as they were leading by a mile.
So when you see the results add on about 3 mins. I finished around the 40 mark with the male and female close by, within 30 seconds of each other.

Basically anyone that came ahead of Horne and Harrison ran short and then anyone after them up until the male and female near me ran short. The people behind the three of us were ok as a marshall got to the spot to save the rest of the runners.

A nice hilly hitout can only help the legs for Sydney.
Just hope no-one ran a PB on that course.

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Ewen said...

So you were a comfortable top-ten finisher! At least is wasn't a short marathon. Congrats on the bronze in the 5, even if it was a terrible time.