Sunday, September 09, 2007

Centennial & Queens Park 11ks

Yep another run for the day. Doing 15k this morning in two races left me feeling a bit short of time and distance for the Marathon.
Headed out around Centennial and Queens Park for a late run. Feet felt a bit sore after doing 15ks in racing flats this morning.

Total was 11.2ks in 58:14. Average pace of 5:11 per klm. Hip felt very sore and the legs were not keen on co-operating either. 26k for the day is done.


Tesso said...

You looked to be flying out at Smithfield. I thought you were in the lead (I was too busy chatting to BB to notice the guys in front of you). But 3rd is nothing to be sneezed at - well done!

Look after that hip now. All the hard work for Sydney is done, nothing you do from here on will make much differece. Just stay healthy and uninjured!

PS Three runs in one day. That sounds like Warwick Pentath-Run training to me :-)

2P said...

Geez mate you are a glutton.

Nice work.