Thursday, September 27, 2007

Full Moon Festival

According to my chinese workmates they eat Moon Cake at this time as part of a festival. Maybe the same time as the start of Autumn in China?

By the light of the full moon I went for a run around Centennial Park as the legs finally allowed me to do so after the Marathon on Sunday.
Ran 8ks in 46:33. Average pace of 5:45 per klm. A very leisurely pace tonight.

Thanks for everyone's comments about the race. So much pace to find till the next one. That will be Canberra.
Now for Track Season. Hope the coach has some fast ideas!


Horrie said...

I reckon that coach of yours just has to threaten to kick you up the clacker. That will get you moving.

Tesso said...

Sounds like the perfect recovery run.

2P said...

I meant to mention the moon in my blog and forgot - the full moon was magnificent - was that you I heard howling?

silverfox said...


I just read your report on the marathon, a bloody good effort mate. You know you have a faster time in you - its just a matter of getting the prep right. Enjoy the summer stuff but come back in 08 with sub 3 tattooed in your brain and dont let anything else get in its way. And you are right a pb is a pb, especially on that course which can sort you out at the back end. Great effort again mate, see you in about a month!

Ewen said...

One run I could keep up with you on :)

Cut the long runs down for a while and get the 400, 800 and 1500 PBs done before Christmas. You can run 3000 and 5000 PBs with long runs in there, so early next year, although you could probably jag a 5000 PB off the back of your marathon training.