Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sydney Marathon = PB

Edit: The time on my watch was 3:03.23. So a 5 second PB after checking the results which are in. Cutting it close. 88:23 first half. 94:56 2nd half. Doesn't add up but the 3:03.23 is it. I'll take it.

I couldn't have run this time without having run with the 3hr pacers Cam and Richard from the 15-30k mark. The pack running helped me stay on the pace till then. Before that I was ahead on purpose as I figured the course had that long hill out of Mrs Macquaries Chair to factor in. Thanks guys anyway even though I couldn't keep up when we started going up the City West Link.
Arrived at Nth Sydney station about 6am and used their toilets and then walked down to the start area seeing the half runners taking off. Took a heap of photos but unfortunately the runners were moving too quick and they are all blurred.
Had the usual chat in the cold under the bridge for the hour, with a few scoffing at my thoughts of a sub 3hr.
Anyway I felt good for most of the first 15k until I was caught by the 3hr group. From here until the 30k mark I was up and down in pace. Either in front or behind the group.
The small hill up to the Glebe Island Bridge had me drop behind by 20 metres and then I caught it back up going down the hill only to lose touch once we started going up the hill along City West Link and never getting it back.
I tried to push when we crested the hill near Balmain Rd before the Norton St turn. I moved a bit closer but the surging efforts were knocking me around. Going back to the Glebe Island Bridge I felt better and moved past a couple of runners only to have a couple of others pass me in Pyrmont. Not impressed! I hate being passed late in a race.

I couldn't wait for the 37k mark as this meant only 5ks of flat and downhill left. So I kept pushed harder, passing about half a dozen of the splintering 3hr group through to the finish.
Passed a crook Strider at the start of Hickson Rd yelling at the Drink station people to get him an ambo as I saw him throw up on the road and he was staggering all over. I did see the 41k medical golf cart go to his assistance. I asked when I ran by. Hope he is ok now?

The perceived heat and effort of the last 2ks had me just hanging on for the finish. So apologies to the cheersquad in the MCA park as I was smashed and couldn't even must a wave. Too much hurt happening then. Finally hit those cobblestones in front of the Opera House and crossed the line. Nearly brought up my breakfast after the line but after about 5 mins sucking in some air I finally managed a drink.

Eventually made my way up to the recovery area with 26 miles and picked up my great finishers medal and t shirt. Found my bag and headed for the Striders tent for some more fluids. From memory I drank 3 waterbags-600ml total. 3 gatorade cups-600ml. A bottle of my own gatorade 600ml. And 4 cans of 375ml coke-1.5l. So 3litres of fluid. Was I dehydrated at the finish, probably.
After that it was over to the Orient Hotel in the Rocks to meet up with a few of the other Cool Runners who did different events or just cheered.

Thanks for everyones support today. Much appreciated. Couldn't get you the sub 3hr but after an interrupted Winter of training I'm not surprised I failed. Just didn't have the long runs in me like I did at Canberra. 12 for Canberra and 4 for Sydney.
It is an old saying. Don't go into the Marathon underprepared as It will chew you up and spit you out. Came close to being chewed today. Maybe next time I'll get more training in. Apolgies for long soppy story.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the pb flake! Long soppy stories are all good.


Spud said...

Nice PB Paul, the sub 3 will come mate. Well done.

Tom said...

A PB is a PB mate. Great run. The sub-3 will come. I reckon you're spot on when mentioning the shortage of very long runs as you seemed to have otherwise set it up just right.

TA and the Gnome said...

The cheersquad knew you were focussed and are glad you got a PB. You are right in that your winter has not been the best for consistent training. let's hope that 3hrs is not far away.


Gronk said...

Nice work mate. You got a PB so you can't ask for more. Great effort !

nando said...

Great work mate. Looks like we will be both chasing that sub 3 next year.

2P said...

Congrats on the PB Flakey - top effort mate - you certainly gave that sub 3 a fright ;-)

Tesso said...

Congrats on the PB Flakey. It might not have been a sub 3, but hey, 3:03 is pretty bloody impressive. And its going to make that sub 3 even sweeter when you nail it next year.

Oh, and you gave the cheersqaud a glance, that was good enough for me :-)

Anonymous said...

Really impressed by your performance. With your interrupted schedule it shows you've got the willpower to crack 3 hrs - almost without the training, amazing.


Ewen said...

I saw you go past at the east side of the Quay - guessed you were a couple of minutes outside 3 hours. Lucky about the new course or you'd have been 20 seconds outside the PB.

Anyway, sub-3 will happen sooner rather than later. At least you thrashed Action ;)

Eagle said...

Congratulations on the PB but I suspect it means little with no sub 3. Paul you know what has to be done to get under 3 and you just need a good 3/4 months when the training is not interupted. The wait will make it even sweeter when it come. It will come have no doubt about that.

See what we can both do for Canberra 2008.

Horrie said...

A very brave effort to go so close after your interrupted preparation. I guess getting the flu at a crucial time didn't help. You showed yesterday that with the right preparation, you will kick the sub 3's butt.

Matty said...

Massive effort Flakey - it would have been easy to throw in the towel once the sub 3 was gone, but the hurt in hanging on for a PB will stand you in good stead come your next Marathon.


Rob said...

Fantastic Flakey!. A terrific run. Well done. That sub 3 is obviously in the realms of possibility. Next time!

Jen_runs said...

I love a good soppy story - there should be more of them I say ;-)

Congrats Paul. It is a PB. Don't be too hard on yourself. You will get your sub-3 in time - of that much I am certain

26miles said...

Just want to echo Eagle's remarks -
a good effort off some erratic training - can't wait to see what you can do if you put a few solid months together.

Johnny Dark said...

A fine PB Paul.

I wanna be there when you break through that 3hr barrier.