Sunday, September 02, 2007

Homebush Hustle STaR 30ks

Out to Concord for this Striders training run. A locked toilet in the park at the start so Mark Fiore and I headed off early to get one in a park a few k's up the road and then caught up with the 6:20am group when they started.
The pace was hot even though we thought it wasn't. The group at one stage had Sportsman, Springer, Aim High and Tim Austin in it.
With only Springer, Aim High and Tim sort of staying close together to the finish. Well close, meaning within a k of each other.

The run went through Concord, Homebush, Newington, Silverwater, Meadowbank, Rhodes, Mortlake, Breakfast Point and Cabarita.

Finished with 30.2ks on the watch in 2:12.18. Average pace of 4:22 per klm. Quickest I have ever run a STaR at. Previous quickest I think was the Western Wanderer a couple of years ago doing 4:39 per k pace. The pace was quicker than my Canberra Marathon 30k split from 2 years ago. Seems I might have a good Sydney Marathon after all.
Caught up with Granpa, Tesso and Johnny Dark after the race.


2P said...

You know what they say - poor dress rehearsal makes for a brilliant opening night - obviously worked for you after Saturdays disappointment - that is one mighty fast STaR - nice work mate.

Tesso said...

Good to catch up after missing you yesterday. That's a zippy pace for a long run. But what a confidence booster! Must've been something in the air this morn, the 6:10 group were flying as well.