Sunday, September 16, 2007

Castle Hill Fun Run

The start was at Castle Hill Showground. Both were out and back courses with the 8k having the best run of the bush whereas the 4k stayed on a bike path and the showground roads out and back.
Jamie Harrison won the 4k and the 8k.
Felt ok in the 4k, hence the quick pace.
The 8k had more hills than the 4k and was a bit hard to run on the bush track with racing flats.
Legs felt ok during the races and body is slowly healing from the fall on Friday night.

4k race at 8am in 15:16. Overall place was 7th.
8k race at 9am in 32:43.

Well organised by Hills Athletics with plenty of flour to guide us and not too many marshalls needed. It was all good out in the hills.

Caught up with Gogirl, Spud,HillsAths1,Martin Dugdale,Bounder and John Dawlings.

Now to rest for the Mental battle on Sunday morning!


Ewen said...

You left a bit of the 8k in the 4k?

Eagle said...

I have been silenetly watching the training and you have done all that needs to be done. As you have said it is now how things happen on the day and a lot of that is beining menatlly positive and strong. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Nice chatting to you yesterday Flakey. Best of luck for the Marathon next weekend.


Tesso said...

Well done yesterday. Glad you managed to stay upright :-)