Saturday, September 01, 2007

Striders North Head 10k

What a crap run. No energy, over tired, pathetic useless piece of a race. And that was just from Blue Dog's Mum. Just kidding. But I feel like that.
Couldn't get going past the 3k mark which I reached in 11:15. After that there was nothing useful in the legs to get me to go any faster. Maybe I'm a good 3000m track runner, just waiting to be unleashed over summer?

Ended up at the 8k mark in about 31:15 and was able to push a bit faster from then to get back to 35:07 at the 9k and then the partially downhill last k home to finish with 38:48.
A course PB by 33 seconds but way outside my overall time. My worst 10k of the year.

Well bugger it, I'll just focus now on getting a good Marathon out of the way at Sydney.


Ewen said...

Go out and run a 1500m time trial - if you come up with 5 minutes or so, you're waiting to be unleashed.

Tell Blue Dog's mum she needs to be jogging 10k in 36:30 to keep up with those girls this morning.

Tesso said...

Sorry it didn't go to well for you. If it makes you feel any better I had a good one :-)