Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bankstown Track 800m race

Didn't turn out as well as I planned but hey there is always a first time at running any race distance.
Did a warmup and some strides before the race started. Including running fast around the bends.
I did manage to read some splits and then it all became ugly. Well I thought so.
200m - 32 seconds
400m - 70 seconds
600m - forgot to look
800m finish in 2:32.11. Very ugly.
A 70 second first lap and a 92 second final lap is not good. I'm sure I'll run better the next time I do an 800m, whenever that is.


nando said...

I thought you did alright for your first outing at that distance. Certainly would have done no harm for the 3000m. Interesting enough, watching the next heat, the runner that passed 400m in 70s also faded to finish in 2:32ish.

Ewen said...

A PB for 200? As long as you had the burning throat afterwards.

Wish I was there to see your last 200. 19:10 5k pace for the last lap!

Obviously a high amount of lactate due to the fast start. 35, 72-3 would have given you a 2:28. Fun eh? So, the next one is in two weeks?

More importantly, did you look like Ralph when crossing the finish line?

Anonymous said...

That's actually an 82sec last lap Flakey. Based on your training times, if the distances are accurate you should definitely be capable of 2.20 in the next couple of events. Aim for 70 again for the first lap, you'll be able to tolerate the pain better next time. The 800m much like the 400m requires alot of specific training, but it's race practice which will bring the most improvement. The pre race tips for the 800m by ewen were spot on, except the sprint at the end, more like 'slow down as little as possible'. Tiger

Matty said...

Gees, that was a flying start Flake!!! No taking the soft option there!!