Sunday, October 21, 2007

Surf Club Swim and Run,with a win!

My clubs first race of the season. Very nice it was too on the coast. Only 25 degrees apparently it peaked at instead of the 33 degrees at Smitho. That nice sea breeze certainly helps.

The swim was very choppy, plenty of missed strokes as the wave disappeared underneath you. Felt like I had just eaten a packet of salt and vinegar chips at the end as I sucked up so much sea water in the swim.
As first race of the season we were all off scratch. So the Dolphins won. I improved my handicap for next race.
The run was up to black rock and back, went off quick and settled into 3rd place by the turnaround. The sand was very soft as the tide was coming in, making it hard to run through.
Kicked for home about 200metres out for the win. There goes my good handicap for the season.

Consequently I had to buy beers for the post race BBQ. Excellent! Then I was off home to discover I got a bit sunburnt. Fixed up that dodgy runners singlet and shorts tan at least.

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Tesso said...

Great day of competition there Flakey.