Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Easy 12ks

A very warm 29 degrees when I went for a run tonight. Just ran around Randwick, Moore Park, Centennial Park and the SFS.
Total was 12.5ks in 64:11. Average pace of 5:08 per klm.

No strides Ewen. Wasn't sure on how many reps to do, ten seemed like a good number. Longer recovery between reps, ok.
I have a nice kick, I guess I shouldn't use it in training.

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Ewen said...

The speed end of things seems to be your (current) weakness. Working on that is the only way (if the base is there) to make 20secs per 100m seem like cruising speed. Short hill reps would also be beneficial for speed, as well as fast 'sprints' on a very gentle grassy downhill.

Start at 1:34-5 with the aim of doing 3, 4 or 5. If you lose the pace or your form goes, stop the session.