Sunday, October 21, 2007


A very sticky start this morning at Smitho. 18 degrees and 78% humidity does not make for good running conditions. I didn't feel good from the start and I would have been better off just doing a 20k training run instead.

Ran 19:02. Placed 4th. 8 seconds slower than last month. But closer to Easy Tiger who was 22 seconds slower this time.
This racing caper really does have its ups and downs. It seems more down than up for me since June. But that happens.


plu said...

Enjoy all the sub 20 minute times while they last. Good running.


Ewen said...

A bit of a nothing run. At least you weren't doing Brindy in 31 degree heat.

Thanks for your "hello" on CR - that was the bus trip from hell. See you again on March 8.

Dave said...

Bah, 18 degrees and 78% humidity is approaching winter conditions from my new persepective.

Sounds like a decent run regardless, they can't all be PB's!