Sunday, October 28, 2007

Long Run Sunday 17ks

Slept in Sunday morning. Must have needed the sleep. Got up in time to watch the Melbourne Marathon highlights. So had to wait until it cooled down a bit before I could run. Still was 29 degrees when I started at 6:30pm but felt cooler in the shade.
Did a lap of the running track in Centennial Park as well as a run up to the SFS and SCG.

All up 16.9ks in 1:24.13. Average pace of 4:59 per klm. A good steady pace.

Well I can't add, it was 82 seconds for the 2nd lap of the 800m. Thanks for the comments.

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Ewen said...

Thank Hadd for that! Still slower than 3k race pace for the second lap ;)

Tiger is right - you need to get a few 800s (and 400s for that matter) under your belt before running your best one. You never get that level of lactate in training. They do become easier.