Sunday, October 14, 2007

Striders Internal Half Marathon

I was given a handicap time for the half of 86 mins. Meaning I should finish in that time if I raced it. I had decided during the week that I would do the half as a training run. The aim was to run it at 4:30 per klm pace. Which is probably half way between what I race a half at and what I would run 20ks at in training.

The race was on the Striders 10k course in Lane Cove National Park. So two laps of the hilly monster. Started with three others with the two males including Sub50 racing off and Jenny Truscott running with me, then behind and then in front for about 10ks and then dropping out. So heaps of running on my own for an hour and a half.

The time was 1:34.17. Average pace of 4:28 per klm. Pretty good training on that hilly course.
Didn't bash the legs up too much which is the real reason for a long run.
Saw Tesso before she went back to BrisVegas this morning.


Horrie said...

I manage to claim my second victory over you ever and you claim you are having a training run. What are you training for?

Ewen said...

Did you give her a "going away" CR bloggers' punch in the guts?

Nice 'backed off' run - shouldn't do you any harm. Have a good week - don't bust a foo-foo valve.

Tesso said...

You could have snuck in under 1:34 if you didn't start skipping at the end.