Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Timbrell Park Reps 6x500m

There was Thunder, Lightning, Wind and Rain. And I was still out running. I'm a glutton for punishment.
Did a 2k warmup before the session, and half a dozen 100m strides.

The reps went 1:33.5, 1:34.9, 1:35.4, 1:35.1, 1:35.7, 1:34.9. All done with a 2 minute walk recovery between each rep. At least I'm consistently boring!
Did a 2k cool down after the session. Not as fast as I wanted, but I was carrying a bit of excess weight from the rain.

Saw Guz running around Timbrell Park as I finished.

I have a race this Saturday afternoon at Bankstown. I've decided to run the 800m, as the only other race on is a 5000m, and that really doesn't help make me faster for 3k.

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Ewen said...

Good session.

OK, my 800m tips: Warm up really well, doing a good number of strides with full recovery. Do some running-start practise runs over 50m, timing yourself to get a feel for goal pace (2:25-30?).

Start fast, first 50-100m, then ease back to race goal pace. Get into a good stride down the home straight. Try and get a 2-3 second faster than even split at 400. Relax around the bend, then wind up from 300m out and bring in your sprint for the last 75m or so.