Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Timbrell Park Reps 10x500m

A nice night for a run. A bit windy though from the East, so all the reps straight into it were slower. Not many people around on the path so I didn't need to dodge to much during each rep.

Parked the car at Lilyfield Rd and ran over to the park doing a 2.5k warmup in the process as I ran up to near the 2k mark of the Bay Run and back to the park.

The reps were 1:40.7, 1:37.8, 1:40.0, 1:39.2, 1:41.1, 1:39.3, 1:41.6, 1:39.3, 1:41.1, 1:39.9.
All done with a 75 second walk recovery. I thought I could manage 60 seconds but after coughing up a lung every rep I needed more time to put it back in.

Did a 2.5k cool down back to the car.
Have not done these since December. Have to get them faster.


Johnny Dark said...

Nice consistent reps there Paul.

Ewen said...

I presume you did half a dozen fast strides before starting?

Personally, I'd be starting with 6x500 and making a concerted effort to get them down to 1:35. Start with a longer walk recovery - 2 minutes - more time to psyche yourself up to run fast. Run evenly, but fast (don't kick finish to get the time).

Jen_runs said...

What Ewen said ;-)

Good luck on Saturday