Tuesday, October 30, 2007

ES Marks Track 6x300 Reps

Very humid. Didn't feel like doing much of a warmup at all. Did do a 1.6k warmup or 4 laps of the track before starting. Damn forgot those strides again. Not many people left when I started at close to 8pm.

The reps were 53.0, 50.6, 52.4, 52.3, 52.0, 52.9. All done with a 60 second walk recovery. At least I'm consistent without doing them faster.

Tesso the State 3000m titles are on November 10th at Sydney Olympic Park. The goal is 9:xx. The PB is 10:32.84 from December last year. So I'm pushing hard to do it.


Tesso said...

I've got my money on you going sub 10. I notice your 500m rep times are pretty much the same as Puntermatt's. He wasn't feeling 100% but still ran 9:55 at yesterday's TT.

Ewen said...

The danger will be the second kilometre. You'll find it easy enough to go 3:18 for the first, but it's so simple to 'drift off' in the second, especially if you're just maintaining pace (or gap) in a group that's slowing.