Thursday, October 18, 2007

Timbrell Park Reps 5x500m

Did a 2k warmup before starting and half a dozen 100m strides as well. Very windy down at the bay tonight. At least I didn't have to dodge anyone running or walking in the park.

The reps were: 1:33.2, 1:35.4, 1:34.5, 1:35.9, 1:36.0. All done with a 2 minute walk recovery.
Did a 2k cool down after the session.
Average pace for all of these was 95 seconds over the 5 reps. Last time the average was 100 seconds over 10 reps. Now just to push that pace down to 85 seconds in 3 weeks and I'll be flying come the 3000m.


Horrie said...

That's some seriously fast running Flake. You are looking at a PB at the SMC 5km on Sunday. Lucky I am taking the SOFT option of Brindabella.

Ewen said...

Those were good. I'll buy you two cappuccinos if you can get them down to 85! That'd be good for a 9:20-something 3k.

Some pure sprinting would be good to get the speed up a bit - 80s flat out with a running start. Can be risky though.

Good you remembered the strides :)

Tesso said...

Woohoo! Getting fast :-)