Sunday, June 12, 2005

Bobbin Head Revisited STaR 30.14ks

Up to Wahroonga this morning with the start from a bus stop.
I did mean to start with the 6:10 group but due to a toilet queue I missed that so headed off with the 6:20 mob. Or as I call it running with the guns.
Group included Vespa, Vat_Man, Silver Fox, Suzanne Kelly, Barry Rutter and Steve Bodnar.

I was hurting after 10ks with us being at 48:20 at this point. But we had run a lot of hills already. Vespa, Vat and I decided we would do our own short version of the course.

This entailed following the course map all the way out and then heading down Bobbin Head Rd until we reached the Boathouse at the bottom. At this point it was 16.61 ks on my watch.
Coming down the road there are some steep hills which we go down thankfully.
Reaching here we could see our breath so it was cold, and fog still hung in the valley.

We took the crumbling sandstone stairs behind the boathouse back up to a service trail to run the 4 or 5ks back to Bobbin Head Rd. Fell once going up one of the hills.
We then proceeded back up Bobbin Head until meeting Burns Rd and turning for home.
I did an extra lap of the park to finish with 30.14ks in a time of 2:27:00. Average pace of 4:52 per klm.

I felt I was struggling all the way with the pace we were running. I thought I was holding Vespa and Vat_Man up so thanks guys for staying with me.

Stayed a while for a chat and then gave Amjan a lift back to the city. Thanks for the company.
Note for me: Must do more hill work.


vat_man said...

Can't say I was in a huge hurry to get the last 10 done, and with Vespa complaining about her hip flexor, I wouldn't be too worried about it. Figured you might have been battling since you were pretty quiet after the turnaround.

Dave said...


I don't think it was Bodnar, he has a stressie at the moment. Most likely David Gayford, aka sawdust.

Was waiting for you guys to come past and was surprised when I did not see you or vat there.