Sunday, June 19, 2005

Mini-Mosmarathon 10ks

After having a cold since Tuesday and still with flem in the lungs I knew I was going to struggle with the hills on this course.
A little rain at the start but that was all for the race duration.

I had a good start and went through the 2k in 8:02 and was at the 5k in 20:10.
Still feeling ok at that stage. With the second half having more hills I knew a sub 40 was way out of the question though. And my legs felt tired.

Was informed by one of the marshalls at about the 7k that I was 50th. Yeehah.

Managed to swap a few times up and down the rest of the 3ks with the two guys behind me.
I was passed with about 500metres to go by a different runner. But then I thought I saw Blue Dog ahead so kicked into top speed and sprinted the last 200m and cruised past the runner in front to get back 50th. The photo should be good Striders top with CR cap.
Checked the results I was 47th. I was only joking about blue dog he didn't run.

Finished in 41:58 on my watch. Crap time but lots of hills and a cold doesn't help.

Winner was Scott Westcott beating his own race record from last year.


Horrie said...

Good effort Superflake considering you have had a cold. Looking at last year's times, most runners I know ran 2 minutes slower than usual so a great result considering.

go girl said...

Saw you at the start, didn't see you again = too fast for me!
Nice one.

Anonymous said...

I think Blue Dog ran 41:03 last year, with a really severe injury.
Geez he can run.

Anonymous said...

Well done Superflake!

Hope to meet you at KJ half this weekend?
I will be Marshaling.
Cheers Adrian