Saturday, June 11, 2005

East Met Cross Country 7.5k

My first cross country race.

The rain arrived about an hour before the race start of 2:30 pm. Made the course a little tricky in parts especially on the downhill corners. The race was held at Sydney Park in Tempe.

The course is 2.5ks in length so three laps was the race total.
It has three very big hills each lap in it. So it is a good leg workout.

Was informed by Blue Dog that I was not to sit and kick on him today.
Fair enough so I kept my distance around the first lap doing 9:23 for the 2.5k. On that pace I was destined for a 5k PB on a hilly course. Way too fast first lap.
The second lap was a huge blowout doing 10:17. With Blue Dog only 8 seconds behind. Time was 19:40 at the 5k.

I managed to hold the third lap better and finished with a 10:02 and a total on my watch of 29:42. Blue dog was 30:10. Couldn't handle the pace hey?
The goal was to do sub 30mins for the 7.5k. So very happy with that.

Finished with a 2k something cool down run with Vat_Man around the park.
The race was run by the Randwick Botany Harriers club.
The race was won by Sean Williams with Keith Bateman in 2nd place. And Vespa was first female home in the 5k. The first female was Cindy King in the 7.5k

The field included Vat_Man, Blue Dog, Bernie G, Vespa, Amjan, Kit.
With Mister G making an appearance on the top of the 3rd hill as I went past on the 2nd lap.


Luckylegs said...

Good run, Superflake, & lots of CRs for company on your first cross country race.

Horrie said...

It must have been nice to get one back on the dog today. Are you now allowed to sit on the porch with the big dogs now?

Blue Dog's Mum. said...

Blue Dog was having an easy day. He ran at about 90% and was content to keep you in sight and let you have a little victory.

He said it would be good for your mental state, otherwise you might give up running.

That's the sort of champion he is.