Monday, June 13, 2005

Queens Birthday Recovery Run 8ks

Woke up very late 11:30. I guess I needed the sleep after getting to bed at 3am.

Ran up to Centennial Park and discovered the Zoo had moved.
Couldn't swing a cat in the place, and the ranger actually shut one gate because there were too many cars in there.

Ran 8ks in a time of 40:35. Average pace of 5:04 per klm.
Just ran a couple of laps around the bitumen running track plus the run to and from my place.


The Owl said...

Hey Superflake...nice to meet you last night!

Anonymous said...

"Non Gradus Anus Rodentum"!

Horrie said...

Good to see you make it out after your big night last night. You were right about the million people in there around lunchtime. We went to Fox Studios and it took an eternity to park in Centennial Park. We didn't have the same problem when we ran though. You might try getting up a bit earlier next time.