Thursday, May 10, 2007

3K Time Trial

Down around the Bay Run to do this tonight. A bit humid and a southerly blowing as well.
As the Southerly was blowing I decided to run from the CR3K marker back to the start.

So I did a 3k warmup down to the CR3K marker. The goal was anything under 11 minutes for the 3ks. As per usual it felt like I was running into the wind and not with it. I hate that.

I missed the first split, but the 2nd k was reached in 7:24 and I finished in 11:04. Average pace of 3:41 per klm. Not as good as I wanted but fair enough considering my lack of speed since Canberra.
Maybe the last k being a bit uphill didn't help. Did a 2k cool down after the session.

Saw CR 26miles out running tonight. Hi Steve.


Ewen said...

Good reserve of speed for the half. 4s should feel pretty cruisy.

I'm wondering why you didn't start at the other end and take the tail wind?

Tesso said...

11:04 sounds good to me :-)

I've been wondering, as you usually train at night so do you find it difficult to do morning races?

26miles said...

I hate 3k time trials - they just do my head in and they don't really tell you much. You could probably hold that pace for 5-6k which would be a much better indicator of your fitness levels, yes ?
Don't beat yourself up chasing times in training (or races that don't matter) - all runners run their best when they are at their fittest not their fastest ! Set a goal race for 6-8 weeks away and concentrate your efforts on that - the times will come if you are patient mate.

2P said...

I guess Ewen doesn't know that running it in reverse means running uphill - I'd choose the headwind too :)