Sunday, May 06, 2007

Heart of the Lake Fun Run 10k

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday I felt like I was running with a huge backpack. 24 hours later I felt a lot faster.
The course was run around the bike paths of Lake Gillawarna in Georges Hall. A nice mostly shady spot to do a run. Pretty fast the 1st 3k's where I had myself at 11:20. Then we copped about 4ks of up and down hills as we went further away from the start and then started back again. At the 5k I still managed to hold some of the pace with a 19:19 inspite of the hills.
Further along and I was sitting at 27:12 for 7k as the hills finally finished and we were on the run back to the start.

I was hoping to crank up some speed to get in under 39 mins. So was pleased with an 8k of 31:05 but not so pleased when I was still 35:02 for 9k. Well chasing Nando who was a long way ahead and the runner in front who I passed within 10 metres of the finish I clocked off with a 38:49. So a nice 19:19 for 5k out and 19:30 on the way back. Good pacing.
I didn't record the distance but Nando said it was short, but possibly due to the amount of trees it didn't record properly.
The club, Western District Joggers and Harriers say no it definitely is 10k as they run their club races along the paths all the time. And it has been measured heaps of times, plus by a bike again for todays race. So I'll take what they say.

Anyway I was very happy to do a time 2 minutes quicker than yesterday. Nando ran a 38:16 to take 3rd place in the age group. I was 4th.
Strider Paul Jack was 2nd in the age group with Jose Carvalho 1st.

I don't know any of the runners who won the 10k male or female. Or even the 3k held at the same time. Very nice morning for the run. Great marshalls and the cakes and fruit afterwards was superb. They had Chernobyl lamingtons. Huge!

Have been given some insights into my training before the SMH Half which I will try to focus on for now. Next week is RBH cross country on the Saturday and then I have to STaR 7am host at Vaucluse on the Sunday. Which means a short 10-15k training run for me.

I definitely felt I was running a lot faster than yesterday. Nando's Garmin actually beeped just behind me at the 1k pt and I had 3:32 on my watch. So some speed is hiding somewhere, just have to find it.


Horrie said...

Good to see you back in form. I hate seeing you fret! We all have bad runs from time to time. I had mine last week at the X Country.

Tesso said...

Nice work Flakey, especially considering yesterday's effort. I take it the foot was okay today.

Eddie said...

It must have been the threatened kick up the clacker that made the difference Flakey. It must be great to be able to run two days in a row at that pace.

2P said...

Good to see you bounce back so quickly after the disappointment the day before - nice work Flakey.