Saturday, May 12, 2007

West Met Series 10k= PB

Headed out to Silverwater for this 10k race set by a few clubs in the West of Sydney. The run goes along the bike path from Silverwater and back to Homebush. Saw Dave and KT with Dawn and kids in tow. Dave(O Runner) ran the 10k. The course was 2.5k out and back twice.

Low key rego, paid my $2 for a 10k and the 81 year old starter Merv said go and we raced off down the bike path. Went a bit too quick in the 1st 2.5k running 9:17 into the headwind. Slowed up a bit too much on the way back with a tail wind. And reached the 5k in 19:01, for a 9:44 split. Not looking or feeling good at this point. Thought the shot of a PB on a dead flat course was gone.

Out again into the headwind and it killed me running 9:54 for this split and a race total of 28:55. I did take a couple of ruuners just before the 7.5k turnaround. Managed to keep them at bay as my last split was quick.
Heading back and I thankfully had the tailwind now. Pushed hard to keep the two runners out of my hair. Chased the first female for the next 2.5ks as she had about 200m on me at the turnaround and only about 50m behind at the end. Ran this split in 9:10. My quickest for the race. And I was hanging out for the finish, as we had no water during the race.

Finished in 38:05 for a 25 second PB. I just found my new favourite course until I beat my PB. Dave measured it as 9.99ks so right on the money. No short course talk here.

So splits were 9:17, 9:44, 9:54, 9:10. Just have to fix that slacking off period in the middle and I might run fast one day.
I'm happy!

Edit: Time has now been confirmed as 38:06.


Ewen said...

Well done Paul! Is Merv still around? He was organising West Met when I was living in Sydney!

I like those type of 10k courses - much better than the Action-type ones where they add on 0.01% ;)

Dave said...

Good stuff flake!

You looked very smooth every time I saw you, for sure there shoudl be more in the tank with some focus :)

nando said...

Impressive effort Paul. Beats my PB by 13s, so I've now got some catching up to do.

Eddie said...

Terrific run Flakey. You have to be pleased with that. Good on ya.

Tesso said...

Wow, 25 seconds. What a huuuuge PB. Fantastic result Flakey!!!

Gronk said...

Awsome run Pal. Congrats on the 25 sec PB !

2P said...

Nice work on the PB Spud - great stuff mate.