Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Fun Run King

A nice foggy morning out at Smithfield. Hands were cold for about the 1st k of the run. I ran the 5k today for the first time after many trips out to SMC over 4 years.
The start was pretty quick across the wet grass and I settle into third place behind what it turned out were two 10k runners. I had Garry Womsley for company on my shoulder for most of the trip out to the turnaround.
As I turned the two 10k runners Matt Thomas(CR Ben-hur) and Peter Truscott continued up the hill back into the fog. I heard a couple of shouts from some 25ker CR's as I turned as well but didn't see who.
Garry had a go to try and drop me just after the turnaround but that didn't work as I had decided I wasn't getting beaten today. Ran off up the hill and past the bus way to drop him and then had that lovely long 1k back home.
I was waiting for someone else to come but luckily I held firm for my first ever win.

Ran a 2 second PB to finish in 18:26. Getting that number 1 handed to me at the finish was sensational. Yeehah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to the Runners who kept yelling at me from the 2.5k back to the finish. Kept me pushing hard.


David Criniti said...

Arthur schmarthur, Horne schmorne, it's all you mate!

Good job. Good to get a win after a good fight for it too.

You da man!

Nando said...

Congrats on the win and the PB. Enjoy the limelight while it lasts.

Jen_runs said...

Sensational Flake! Congratulations on your first win & latest PB. Not a bad mornings work ;-)

Horrie said...

Congratulations on your win Flake. And a nice PB to boot. You are on some sort of roll at the moment. Keep it going.

Johnny Dark said...

Tremendous work Flake,always good to stand on that top level of the podium.

Tesso said...


Huge congrats Flakey! First of many maybe :-)

Spud said...

Well done Flake, noice 1st win and PB. Keep it're on a roll.

Gronk said...

Well done on the bling & a PB as well. Sure are on fire ATM Flakey !

26miles said...

Well done Flake,
That was me calling out to you - nice to win something occasionally isn't it !

Ewen said...

I bet Blue Dog's mum is impressed.

Great to win in a PB Flake! Are you going to have a crack at the Comm Games 5000m like that other Fun Run King?