Sunday, May 20, 2007

SMH Half Marathon

A great morning for a race. Nice and cool during the race and only a little wind blamed mainly on running the city canyons.
Lined up next to Mohammad, 26 miles and Springer at the start. The pace was a little too hot at the start with me going through 2ks in 7:35. From there I felt progressively worse and had no energy in the legs at all. Tried to increase my pace and was 19:56 at the 5k and eventually back around to the 11k in 45 flat.
Seemed to get a bit better in the second half after I got through Hunter St. Passed a fair few people along Mrs Macquaries Chair. And then running back up out of the Pt I passed a few more and basically had my best part of the race as I flew down Hunter St.
Argyle Cut hurt for the 2nd time and I slowed to a crawl, questioning what the hell I was doing running so badly. I made up a few more places near the finish as I went racing line and the pack mentality of other runners lead them to stay to the right as they approached the finish. Why? The quickest line is the racing line.

Finished in 86:47. I guess at least it is a 3min course PB from the 2005 race. That's about the only thing good about the race.

The Striders post run White's house was superb as always and then the beers and war stories at the Palisades were special!
No PB today but hey I did a 10k PB last week so you can't do it all the time.

Edit: Fell asleep on the bus on the way home and ended up at Coogee, only about 4ks past my stop. I guess the 4am start and a few beers in the sun did me in. Lucky my phone dropped on the floor to wake me up.


mpluss said...

Well done still a good time and time to move on to the next run.


Tom said...

Flake, we can't run PBs everytime - that's why they're special when they come. Fact is you're in great form and the next one won't be far away. Keep up the training. Tom

Jen_runs said...

Tom's right - you've been on fire this year. Your next PB isn't too far away. Still a good time & a course PB. So what's next ?

TA and the Gnome said...

Thanks for your Argyle messages. They were fun and gave me a lift each time.


Gronk said...

You know I didn't even see your graffiti. Obviously I was in the zone (read: too buggered).

Thanks for the sekrit hill rep tip too mate.

Spud said...

Still a great time Paul, remember where you were this time last year. A course PB is a PB.
I smiled each time I climbed Argyle hill remembering how I spotted you chalking the road earlier that morning.

Virtual said...

I think I was on the 325 bus going to Watsons Bay when a call came over the buses 2 way radio network about an unconscious runner smelling of beer in coogee. Somehow I knew it was a strider.

PB schmebe. Was a bloody nice day for a run and you managed to catch up w/ a few mates. Well done on improving yr course time..

Tesso said...

Agree with all of the above - a great run by you at the SMH Half.

I think sometimes when all doesn't go to plan it might actually do us good, we come back even more hungry for those PBs.

Funny about the bus :-)

Blue Dog's Mum said...

Nice run Paulini.

If you had your running binoculars you might have spotted Lil'Bluey way up ahead, once the dust cleared.

Ewen said...

I'm surprised the 'Go Coolrunners' and 'Go Striders' in chalk didn't get you moving up Argyle St ;)

I know how you feel - I fell asleep on the train back to Mittagong.