Thursday, May 24, 2007

Flake Fartlek

Pretty cool tonight. Needed a 2k warmup just to start the session. Well I felt like I needed it anyway.
My version of the fartlek is 2x120secs, 2x90secs, 4x60secs, 4x30secs, 4x15secs. With equal floats between the efforts.

Ran 7.1ks in the 28 minutes. Average pace of 3:56 per klm. Love it. Broke the 4 min ks with this session. Did a 2k cool down after the session.

Nothing secret about the heartbreak hill run Tesso. Have been doing that one since 2005 at various stages of injury mostly.


Ewen said...

Must be tricky following the racing line in peak hour traffic.

Tesso said...

Dang! I like the sound of secret training better ;-)