Friday, May 18, 2007

Easy 40 Minutes

A very easy run down to Aussie Stadium and back along the bike path. Nothing to strenuous about it.

Ran 7.85ks in 40 minutes. Average pace of 5:05 per klm. Pretty windy out tonight. From reports the wind is supposed to die down by Sunday's Half.

Goal is sub 4 min k's in case anyone missed it.


Tom said...

Good luck for Sunday Flake and the 84min goal. At least 4min kms makes the maths easy. I'd just set yourself someone to beat and stick to it. Sounds like Nando is running well.

Jen_runs said...

Good luck!

26miles said...

Good luck Flakey. I'm sure we'll have a good run tomorrow - sub 80 is too much of a stretch for me I think, I'll be happy with a p.b.!