Sunday, May 13, 2007

Vaucluse Variation STaR 18.5ks

Up to Vaucluse this morning for this run. But a short run as I was a 7am host which means we run around a shorter course taking new members or potential members on a short run of the same STaR. Plus I'm doing SMH Half so didn't need a 30k run.

Very leisurely pace down Heartbreak Hill and along Rose Bay and then across to Nth Bondi and then back up to Watsons Bay and back through Vaucluse to the finish in Nielsen Park. Probably the most scenic STaR run as we go along the coastal path near South Head lighthouse. Great views with the sun coming up over the ocean.

Mohammad after completing his run convinced me to do another 4ks with him so I ended with the 18.5ks in total. Time was 1:47:00. Average pace of 5:47 per klm.
Nice finish to the STaR standing on the harbour eating fruit and chocolate and having a drink.

Chatted with Blue Dog about his up coming 2nd wedding. I thought Elvis in a jumpsuit would be a scream.
Happy Mother's Day all the Mums.


Tesso said...

What's the goal for the half next weekend?

Virtual said...

Watch those Jordanian runners. they run w/ the 6:10 group at 6:30 group pace. Have a good half next week.