Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bay Run Race 7ks

Down to the Bay again with the start just below Leichhardt Oval on the bay run. Generally accepted as about 7ks depending on how you get up to the Iron Cove Bridge. This year we were told the length was 7.05ks. My Polar measured it as 7.03ks. So pretty spot on.

Met up with a few Striders before the race and we hastily put a team in. The team was Easy Tiger, Professor, Fake Plastic Trees and myself.
The start was pretty quick with a large start area then cramming into a small 5m wide space within 50m as we headed up and over Iron Cove Bridge and around the bays and back to the start again.
Just never got into a decent rythym at all and felt heavy in the legs with my breathing difficult due to the cold I picked up this week.

Finished in 28:46. Disappointing but entirely expected from me as I just have not had good rythym in my running since before Sutherland to Surf last week.

Aside from that the team entered as Sydney Striders came third, so we picked up a free Bay Run cap for our efforts.

A well organised community fun run for only $20 with a timing chip. They had 770 runners in total for both male and female. Their largest ever apparently.


Jen_runs said...

I'm sure you'll bounce back & be ready for your duel with the Dog at C2S.

Sounds like a good run; will have to keep it in mind for next year.

Tesso said...

Go Striders!!! Congrats on the third placing, great to get a useful prize like a cap.

Blue Dog's Mum. said...

Dear Superfly,

I see from the Bay Run results you used a clever alias -

" 78 Paul BRUNTING Male M40-49 RANDWICK 253 0:28:46 8 71 "

'Brunting'? Cute!

Anyway, that average of 4:06 per/km ... well, umm, how can I put this gently ...?

Let me just say that it would appear you have a snowflake's chance in hell of sub-55 C2S :(

Unless of course you have a sudden increase in testosterone a la Floyd Landis.

Then again lil' Flakey we could re-frame this whole 'Bay Run' incident and look on the bright side of things ... your finishing position would have placed you as the eighth female !!!

Perhaps a little 'nip & tuck' before C2S is the way to go?

You could enter as ....
'Pauline BRUNTING'.

Don Juan said...

I think you hit a nerve on the original coolrunning 'nemesis' thread.

Every race is in the bank and counts for future ones.

Quietly confident of getting to the line for C2S.

R2B said...

Like DJ said every run is one in the bank.Mostly sub 4min pace is great and remember you will have to celebrate sub 60 at C2S too!

I am thinking of doing Striders 10k at Lane Cove next saturday and then road relays back in the 'gong will you be at either or both? I read you guys have pace groups and i need a serious hitout pre C2S 41mins would boost my confidence no end.

Any thoughts?