Sunday, July 16, 2006

Cherrybrook Chase Fun Run 12ks

Up to Cherrybrook for this fun run which Plu described the course as not being very hilly. @#!$%&*$. I'll forgive Plu for that. I know it would have a few hills as per the area.
They were running a 5k and a 12k this morning. With a heap of Striders/Cool Runners doing either one.

Start was fairly fast downhill with the usual dodging of kids as 5 of them decided the front line was a good idea. The race went fairly well with me going through the 3k in about 12:30 and the 5k in 21:30 I think. It was here that a female came up next to me and I said to her I think you are in 1st place, only to discover a bit later she was 2nd. It was Jenny Mckenna a Strider who joined early this year and did Foster Ironman last year. We basically stayed together up and down the hills all the way to the turnaround and back pushing each other to go faster. Passed Mike F at about the 6k mark and then we didn't pass anyone else or getg overtaken.

Ran most of the way back until about the last k when I tried to chase the 2 guys in front to no avail. Finished in 50:05 and 10th spot. Average pace of 4:10 per klm. Very happy with that time on those hills.
Matt Robbie won in 41:09 by about 4 and a half mins. Sparkie won the 5k in 18:14.

Met at the race Plu, Grandpa, Pipe, Mike F, Sailaway, Go girl, Dash_Incredible.
Plus 2b was 2nd overall in the 12k and go girl was 2nd female in the 5k.

Now my legs need a rest. Sutherland to Surf this Sunday. 11ks of quad thrashing downhills.


Jen_runs said...

Nice work today Flakey. And good luck running down those hills next weekend!

Luckylegs said...

Great run, SF! You'll be fine on those downhills next Sunday...relax & let go!!

TA and the Gnome said...

Stop whinging! I have to train on those hills all the time... :-)


p.s. congrats on the 50:05. That's pretty impressive around here.

Tesso said...

Well done Flakey. 2nd race in two days and still you were flying.

Spud said...

You're a racing machine now, all good training for C2S.

Nice run mate.

go girl said...

Great run! It was great to catch up agin SF. Good luck next weekend in the S2S.

Don Juan said...

Good run.

All set now for sutho to surf.

Horrie said...

Got to be happy with a Top 10 Finish. Sounds like a good hitout over a tough course. Good training for C2S.

Anonymous said...

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