Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sutherland to Surf 11k race

Drove to the finish early, 7am, and caught the bus back up to the start. Caught up with a lot of CR's at the start, including Nando who I hadn't seen since the same race last year.
Started off the race with Blue Dog chatting for the 1st 3ks about all the idiots that went off too fast. It was there that he eased away and I tracked him about 200m behind for the rest of the race.
The leg hurt a bit on the downhills so I needed to do short quick steps to stop any pain. Which in turn lead me to using heaps of energy on the flats to keep my place and pace. Was passed on nearly every uphill. No hill reps for a year is starting to hurt me.

Professor came past about the 4k mark I think and I was then in a bad hole till about the 9k mark where I seemed to find some energy to pass him back and then have the battle along the beach to the finish.
Finished in 43:30 over last years 41:48. Obviously slower but at least I broke the 4min ks for the first time in a year, at last years race actually. Blue Dog did 43:10 I think.

A great afternoon BBQ sponsored by Bernie G & Blue Dog at their tropical watering hole.


Horrie said...

Great effort to go sub 4 minute kms Flake. Don't be too hard on yourself. You are getting better all the time. Just be consistent with your training and you will be back to your best in no time.

R2B said...

Well done Flake!Your getting better and better.

Ps as for 11min i might let it rest for a while!

miners said...

great run Paul - shame I couldn't be down there to join in. Won't be long though. Will make sure to catch up at C2S!

Blue Dog's Mum. said...

Dear Paul,

My son said he hammered you at S2S.

Perhaps your efforts would be better suited to participation in the cheer-squad?

As a starting point, try 3 x 2 minute reps of pom-pom waving, finishing off with a big jump at the end of each.

Just trying to help ... see how it goes eh?

Good luck,
Blue Dog's Mum.

Tesso said...

Great stuff going sub 4s Flakey! On target to do a great C2S.

I know the effects of lack of hill work too. My goal with hills at the moment is to get to the stage where I feel like I'm at least standing still, as opposed to running backwards.