Monday, July 31, 2006

Manic Monday 7ks

Well a long long day at work. Try 14 and a half hours combined with end of month.
And I have some cattle shagger leaving dirty posts on my blog.

Got out for a run at 10pm. What the hell!
Just did one lap of Centennial Park in the dark around the outside fence. Mostly grass and dirt for this run. Ran 7.13ks in 39:45. Average pace of 5:34 per klm.

Still have a head cold and a very stiff right thigh muscle I think. I believe I hurt it last week when I did those hill reps. Well it seems to be from then anyway. Maybe I need a massage.

And Run 2 Become I am intending to run both Striders and the relays if I am needed. If you go hard at Lane Cove that may effect the relay.


Jen_runs said...

End of month s*cks.

R2B said...

I know all about late night runs!
Good work in the dark,maybe you could get a headlamp ala those mad 24hr Rogainers?

See you at LCNP and RR in 'gong.Seems the Mad Guz is the 40min pacer so it's 40 or burst for me (probably burst!)
Whats the best time to arrive?

Cheers R2B