Saturday, July 15, 2006

NSW Short Course Cross Country 8ks

The race was being held at the Crest at Bankstown, which meant I had to take my passport to travel that far. Didn't help when the M5 was blocked so I had to turn around before going in the tunnel and headed down Stoney Creek Rd etc. Heaps more lights. Due to this I only arrived at the course 20 minutes before the start. So, no look at the course and no warmup. Bugger.

Crowded start on a wet oval with a course that had a few hills, but nothing too bad. Plenty of mud which I managed to avoid except for my shoes, socks and legs. It was a bit slippery but I tried to run on the grass edges of the course to avoid slipping. It did work mostly.

I felt I had a pretty good run going through the 1st 4k in about 16:30 and then finishing in 33:24 on my watch. I started it a bit late, so probably a few seconds off. Average pace of 4:10 per klm. Not too bad on that very twisty narrow in places course. The downhill section by the houses which was muddy slid you towards a creek with a fence to stop you. Fun! And one of the corners was fast downhill along a road with a sharp right turn which was a bit hairy when my shoes slid away towards the road. Nice skid mark left!

Striders did ok with the medals. Brightshoes winning his age group I think. The 45+ male team was 3rd and the open team was 2nd.
The females I think came in 2nd in the opens and Lucy C was third overall I think.

I'll be glad to get back on some wet bitumen tomorrow at the Cherrybrook Fun Run. At least the ground will be stable.


R2B said...

Nice work Paul!
Sometimes the nervous energy of running late and no warmup can help.
Thought your splits were really good to be so close.I know it got tougher the second time round!

Had a look around after the finishing chute but it seems you were home and hosed by then!!

Cheers R2B

Don Juan said...

I would've run on the road if it wasn't for the officials. That mud was horrific, never again.
Good finishing time.

Horrie said...

Nice consistent pace Flake on what sounds like a pretty slippery course. Sorry to see you get whipped by Blue Dog.

Gronk said...

Good luck at Cherrybrook this morning SF. Gobble up those hills !

Blue Dog's Mum. said...

You would have needed binoculars to see my young bloke's arse, he was so far ahead of you.