Thursday, July 20, 2006

Slow, so very slow 1k reps

Apparently I have speed to burn and Horrie and Blue Dog have no hope of beating me at Sutherland 2 Surf.
I'm telling you for the last time. I'm slow!!!!!!

Down to the bay again. Thought I might have been a chance for a run without rain. That lasted about 2ks before a thunderstorm came over and I leapt into the metal bus stop for cover.
Got through another k before another storm hit and I was standing underneath the road overpass for cover.
Managed to do the 3 reps back without more rain.

Reps were 3:38, 3:35, 3:36, 3:40, 3:43, 3:42. All done with a 2min walk recovery.

I had a 1k warmup and a 1k cooldown after the reps. Shoes were very wet from the water on the path and the rain of course.


Jen_runs said...

Flaky, I'll swap my 1km rep times with you if you like ;-)

Tesso said...

Oh to be so slow!

Blue Dog's Mum said...

Just lookin'. There a lotta' crap here.

R2B said...

Nice reps mate and in the wet too!
Are you going to give 55 a nudge in C2S?


Don Juan said...

Good luck tomorrow.

Looking forward to a big finish and the race report.

Clairie said...

Bring on that race report slow-coach!