Thursday, November 02, 2006

15x 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off

Ran into Centennial Park tonight with dark clouds above and the rain threatening.
Did the circuit of the tarred running track.
The session was 30 seconds hard, 30 seconds float.

Ran 3.85ks in the 15 minutes. Average pace of 3:53 per klm. Better session than before the Sydney Half Marathon.

It was still 26 degrees when I started at 7pm. Sweated buckets running around the park.


Ewen said...

Ahhh... that Sydney humidity. How I miss it [not]!

miners said...

always good to throw a short and sweet session in. hope that humifity doesn't turn into the rain we have up at the moment ...

2P said...

Should be interesting on Saturday.... wonder what Blue Dogs mum has to say ;-)

Blue Dog's Mum said...

Dear Pauline,
I have been trying to second-guess what excuse you will concoct after tomorrow's Striders 10k.

If you can't think of one, here's a few that you may use and are well-suited to your running ability-

1. My rose quartz energy crystal was facing in the wrong direction.
2. I received a negative karma overload from the runner in front of me.
3. Pluto just entered Uranus.
4. My biorhythms were aligned to a recovery day.
5. Mistakenly used my lavender relaxation soap instead of my pink grapefruit energizer soap this morning.
6. My aura was paler and dimmer than usual (due to using the relaxation soap).
7. Recurrent muscle neuron misfiring in the upper lateral gastrocnemus.
8. Emotional turmoil due to a double-booking of yesterday’s aromatherapy session.
9. I couldn’t breathe due to the media focus on Greenhouse emissions
10. Medical confirmation as being spacially challenged in both left and right heart ventricles.
11. Believed I was Scott Jurek after transporting myself telepathically to the Death Valley Ultra by using an incorrect transcendental meditation technique.
12. Someone swapped my Bay City Rollers tunes on my ipod for Wolfmother songs.
13. My dog ate my racing flats.
14. Mental trauma after seeing a dead butterfly.

Bruce and Nigel said...

Don't you pay any attention to that bitter old hag Superflake. She's such a smart-mouth and Nigel and I both know that a good run is not far off for you.

Anyway perhaps you could try the ylang-ylang, csrdomon and ginger soap, (which is my fave) or the patchouli, jojoba and vanilla-bean which Nigel just swears by.

Fingies crossed for a good run tomorrow, we are beaming you our best positive thoughts and energy.

xxx Bruce and Nigel.