Saturday, November 25, 2006

Track 5000m

A short walk to E.S Marks field at Kensington for a track race this afternoon.
Very warm and windy conditions on the track. There was shade for about 100m of the track but the rest was pretty hot.
I raced in racing flats instead of the spikes as I heard the track wasn't the springiest, like Homebush.
Lots of Striders running today. About 10 of us in a field of 35 male and female.
Some talent in this race with myself being lapped by Russell Chin at about the 1k mark.
I don't have all my splits as I forgot where I was up to after the 2k mark.
The 1k was 3:43 and the 2k 7:34. Bang on what I wanted but after that I lost a little each lap and finished in 19:01. Only 7 seconds outside the PB. Close but no cigar.

Next week is the Central Coast Half Marathon at The Entrance.

Edit: Correct Tesso it was 7:34. Not 8. Doh!


Luckylegs said...

I'd give you a cigar for that time, SF! Good luck for the CC half marathon....hope it cools down!

Tesso said...

Well done Flakey, especially consdering the heat! Though shouldn't that be 7:30 for the 2k mark????

What's the goal for the CC Half?

Ewen said...

That's close Flake - you'll get it soon. Good decision to go with the flats.

You're still not showing up on bloglines - must be a queue of beta bloggers at the porta loos.