Saturday, November 11, 2006

State 3000m Track Titles

A very warm and slightly windy night for the race. I had to squeeze this race in before the U2 concert next door. The race was to start at 7:15 but was moved to 7:30 when they added an extra Women's race. I was starting in the C race. I put my estimated time with the officials as 11:30 to make sure they put me in the C race. My goal for the race was 11 minutes if I was good.

They managed to pack 31 of us into the C and B races on the track.
I managed to let most of the runners race off at the start as I wanted to even pace myself through the race. I was in fact last after about 50m. I worked into the race nicely with the spikes feeling ok I ran an 81sec first lap which was too quick for my pacing. I slowed it up eventually going through the 1k in 3:38. At this stage I started passing a few runners who took off too fast, managing to knock off five by the end. I missed the 2k split but did finished under the goal.

10:57.90. 87.73 secs per lap. 3:39 per klm. With the 1st lap being 3:38 the outcome at the end is quite pleasing.
I had both Grandpa and Luke Sky Runner in my race, with Sparkie, Bright Shoes and Ray Wareham in the B race. Vat, Colin, Ellie80 and Owly were cheering in the stands.
Now for the 1500m relays next week. Might need more tips on how to race that one.

U2 was awesome and didn't come on till 8:45 so I could have stayed to watch the other guys run.


Gronk said...

Slick time Flake. Very well done mate.

Ellie80 said...

great race flake - and glad the concert was good!

Ewen said...

10:57.90 is pretty good for your first 3000 Paul. You can take time off that over summer. Nice pacing.

Tesso said...

Fantastic result Flakey. You really have a great sense of pacing.

I might have to get in your ear for some tips about track running just in case I forget I don't like it and enter another one.

2P said...

Wooohooo well done mate - what lovely pacing.

go girl said...

Wow, great time there Flakey. Congratulations!

Clairie said...

tell me how you did it Superflake!! I was more like the other runners and went out too hard then slowed then came home bliteringly fast. Still didn't do what I wanted though so I might have to follow your rules of even pacing and ignore the others around me!

Well done on your first track race. Certainly looks like you should be doing more of them!