Thursday, November 09, 2006

Easy 8ks

Ran into Centennial Park and did a couple of laps of the running track.

Ran 8ks in 41:22. Average pace of 5:10 per klm.
Nice and easy tonight. Didn't want to push hard at all.

Ran into Easy Tiger in the park after training.

The goal for the race is to run my own race and not go too hard the first lap. I'm still unsure of what time I want to do, but I sort of have 90 sec laps for 400m as the goal. Which would get me about 11 mins.


2P said...

Sounds like a plan Flake.

11 mins would be a nice result ;-)

Anonymous said...

Good luck Flake. I reckon you'll be closer to 10.35-40.

Tesso said...

You've got those fast shoes - go the sub 11!

Good luck.

miners said...

"Ran into Easy Tiger in the park after training."

hope you didn't hurt either too much. Hardy, har, har!! oh dear, I slay me ... (wipes tears)

Hey what new shoes? What have I missed? I can't keep up with you if I don't have new shoes too!

Ewen said...

I was going to say 10:40ish. With the 3k, my experience is that you get a better time off a 'solid' first km. The race is short enough so you don't fade much off a fast start - especially if you have good endurance.

Maybe 3:30, 3:40, 3:35? Also, for a better time, start your 'kick' from a long way out - at least 3 or 400 metres, maybe 500.

Anonymous said...

I think Ewen means - just go flat out !