Sunday, November 26, 2006

Chatswood Chase STaR 16ks

I volunteered a while back to help as the 7am host at a Striders STaR and this was the one I ended up with. I helped out the 6am host at the start and then basically run the short version of the STaR for the day. This involves taking around a few slower runners and any new ones that might want to join.
The first 4.5ks were on the Striders Lane Cove 10k course and then we ended up at Epping Rd, down along there until turning up Mowbray Rd and back up the long hill(2.4ks) to the Pacific Hway. We turn at the Great Northern Pub and head up to Chatswood and then run down Fullers Rd back to the start at the National Park. Pretty humid and cloudy conditions this morning.
A bit of helping out at the end with all the other 6am runners coming in after the 30ks etc.

I ended up running 16ks in 1:28:12. Average pace of 5:30 per klm. A very easy pace for me and ok for the half next weekend.


2P said...

A huh! Bloglines hasn't picked you up yet....

Nice 5k time and good on you for volunteering for the star.

Don't think I will make it to CC Half because of the fatass on Saturday - but maybe :-)

Tesso said...

My bloglines has got you ... now. Think it didn't for a couple of days.

Thanks for the word on 'Tumbarumba', might try to get a hold of it.