Saturday, November 04, 2006

Striders Lane Cove 10k Race

The plan was this morning to beat my course PB of 39:48, which was set in June last year.

Arrived about 6:25 am to find the usual parking street already chockers. Might be a big crowd today. Turned out we had 280 runners doing a 10k on a morning that threatened rain and it did near the end of the race.

Started off a bit quick doing the 1sk in 3:35, 2nd in 7:20, 3rd in 11:20. Held it fairly steady through the hill up Scribbly gums and then the down and up past the old stone bridge going towards the Rangers Hut. Colin passed me about the 3k mark as we were going up Scribblys. Kept him insight and went through the 5k in 19:45 going up to the turnaround.
Belted past Colin on the way back down the hill. The long flat part back always amazes me as to why I don't run faster. Maybe I back off the pace a bit.

Colin and another Strider decided enough was enough and went past me about 9.5ks. The Strider kept going but Colin still left me something to chase which I managed to kick past him across the weir for a win by 2 seconds.
Finished in 39:16 on my watch and also the clock when I crossed, but have been given 39:20 as a time. Oh well.

The washup is:

Course PB by 28 seconds.
Beat my North Head time from September by 1 second, so fastest since July last year.
Second fastest 10k ever for me.
Have only run at Lane Cove 5 times and I have done a course PB every time.
46:21, 42:30, 39:54, 39:48, 39:20. Next race here is Feb next year.


Tesso said...

Ooooh, so close! Well done. And good luck on the track next weekend.

Ellie80 said...

great run flake - and I like your fancy new shoes :)

Horrie said...

You certainly started like a scolded cat. Was that a tactic to shake the dog? If so, it didn't work!

Gronk said...

Well done mate. Can't complain about a course PB.

Johnny Dark said...

Slick running Paul. Well done.


Blue Dog's Mum said...

Quote -

"Held it fairly steady through the hill up Scribbly gums..."

WTF ??? That was where you began running like the anchor had gone out and Lil Bluey sailed past on his way to yet another victory. Maybe he was travelling too fast for you to see him.

By the way, tell that pair 'Nigel and Bruce' to go shove it....

Ewen said...

A good run on that course Paul. Well done.

The time difference seems strange. A 39:16 watch time could be actually 39:17.01 which would see it rounded up to 39:18, not 39:20.