Wednesday, November 08, 2006

McKay Oval 6x200m Reps

A short run tonight just to try out the new spikes.
Ran into Centennial Park and did a few reps around the grass oval. A bit bumpy the ground under foot but otherwise ok.
Felt a bit strange running with the spikes on, but I didn't really see much difference between them and the racing flats I usually wear.

Reps were 36.4, 36.5, 36.1, 35.0, 34.8, 35.8. Very consistent. As recovery I just walked slowly around to the start again, which on this oval is another 240m to give the legs a full recovery.
I had a 1.1k warmup and 1.1k cool down after the session.


Ewen said...

Not bad Flake.

If it's wet Saturday night you'll have heaps more grip with the spikes. One tip - don't trip over when jogging around (easily done).

2P said...

Finally a distance and session where I could keep up ;-) Sprinting is my strong suit.... I loooove running in spikes - the feel of getting up on the toes and digging in.... bliss... pity I torture myself with mediocrity and distance :-)

Onya Flake - you are going to do fine on Saturday.

Spud said...

All the best for Saturday Flake, you're looking good.

Tesso said...

Nice work Flakey.

So what are your running plans between now and the race? Do you have a goal time in mind?