Saturday, November 04, 2006

Flakes Track Follies

Next Saturday is my track debut at the State 3000m Championships at Homebush.
Probably be starting in the C race. Don't want to get in the way of anyone that actually can run fast.
Had to buy some spikes for the race. So here they are. Very go fast.

Apparently worn by Bekele during his many world records.


Gronk said...

Kenenisa called and he wants his shoes back. You better hide them under the bed.

Jen_runs said...

Of course they go fast.

They're red.


Blue Dog's Mum said...


Sure the shoes look good, but if you put meringue underneath a dog turd, it doesn't turn into pavlova.

Ewen said...

Hope the calves are OK afterwards ;)

Mmmm, a 10:25 should see you only lapped once in C-grade.

miners said...

oh THESE shoes. How did you manage to get them off Bekele?