Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Some Like it Hot

A cool 30 degrees when I started running tonight. The temp peaked at 35 near midday so it was cooler. The sun had gone behind the clouds in the west so I didn't have the direct heat on me.
I ran around the Bay Run and it was really hot. The mouth was dry after a couple of hundred metres and I was hanging out for a drink. A cold beer would have been good.

I did a 1k warmup down to the 1k marker and then ran 3k in 11:32. Average pace of 3:50 per klm.Had a 6minute walk recovery. I then ran 2k in 7:38. Average pace of 3:49 per klm. Had a 4 minute walk recovery. Then finished off with 1k in 3:47.
I then did a 2k cool down back to the car. Felt more like a warm up as it was still that warm.

Very dry heat today and expected to be even hotter tomorrow. Supposed to be 38 in the city. Probably a cracking 40 something out West.

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miners said...

nice times considering the heat - and yep, it's certainly been muggy up here too. Maybe that southerly has hit down there though?