Friday, November 10, 2006

Easy 5ks

Managed to get out tonight before a thunderstorm came through with a bit of rain. Ran a lap of Centennial Park around the tarred track. Pretty windy tonight.

Ran 5ks in 25:25. Average pace of 5:05 per klm. Very easy on the legs.

I guess a go flat out strategy could be in place for tomorrow nights track race. Just hope to keep out of the faster runners path's and not look like an idiot. Oh and don't embarrass the Striders. Argh!


2P said...

I have it on good authority that Ellie and Owly will be there cheering you on - you can't fail ;-)

Just keep clicking over those 90 sec laps and think of the dudes doing GNW.

Break a leg Flakey :-)

Ewen said...

Well, not quite flat out. That would be sub-70 seconds for the first 400 ;)

Go Striders!

Luckylegs said...

Look like an idiot? I have the patent on that image! Go, SF!
Results, when you're ready, please!