Sunday, November 19, 2006


An early morning out at Smitho with the effects of a cold still in my system. Walked over to the start with Papa Luigi and then caught up with Uncle Dave and Blue Dog on the start line. I pointed out Matthew Thomas to Uncle Dave who was 3rd at the Fishers Ghost 10k last week saying you might have some competition today. So it was with the pair of them battling the full distance. A funny sight was Uncle Dave tucked in behind the 6ft 4inch Matt to slip stream him on the way back. Classic!
As for me, I didn't feel in any rythym at all while I was running. It was all a struggle just to get through the 10k. I got to the 5k in 20:20 and finished with 40:53. Pathetic!
I seem to have had that problem this year. No consistency. One good race and then a bad one the next week. I had a good 3000m track race last week and now a bad road 10k this week. Hope 2007 can bring me better form.
It was great to see Tesso back taking on the Cockroaches and still chasing Johnny Dark in the half. And Mister G racing the half.
Couldn't stay to chat as I had to get into work for a short while. At least till midday anyway.

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2P said...

A cold will do that to you mate - don't be too hard on yourself.

Nice work with the 1500 ;-)