Wednesday, November 15, 2006

McKay Oval 6x200m Reps

Alone at last around Centennial Park's Mckay Oval. The 9000 screaming corporate hoardes wimped out of the Chase Corporate Challenge because it was too windy. I think it was because the beer tents were being blown over. Ok well then that is a valid excuse. They are back tomorrow.

It was 200m reps in the spikes around the grass oval. The surface is a bit rough but better than nothing.
Reps were 34.7, 34.5, 34.2, 34.9, 34.9, 35.4. All done with a full walk recovery back to the start which is 240m on this oval.
Reps were better than last week where they varied between 34.8-36.5. I don't know if we actually have a baton for the relay, maybe the old slap hands changeovers.


2P said...

Nice work getting the rep times down - nice sharpener for the realy of the century on the weekend.

Tesso said...

Can't wait to see how the relay goes.

A couple of ladies Clairie and I run with are competing in a 4 x 1500m relay on Monday night. Both are in their early 60s. They're in a team in the category below (55+) and are in with a decent shot of a world age group record.