Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday Long Run 19ks

After watching the golf the headed out for a run. Headed up to Bondi Junction and then down past Royal Sydney making mince meat of the traffic leaving the course. Then ran down to Rose Bay and up Heartbreak Hill to Christison Park.
Halfway up heartbreak there is now a sign where tree poisoners have been at work so someone could improve their view of the city skyline. The only problem is they chose three trees around the Oval at Kambala girls school. The school is over a 100 years old. Whoever did this is scum. Hope the sign is still up for next years City 2 Surf so everyone can see it.
Anyway from Christison Park I ran back down Old South Head to home again. Having to run up the hill from Royal Sydney up to Bondi Junction is a killer.

Finished with 19.2ks in 1:29:40. Average pace of 4:40 per klm. Hard work with these hills.


Gnscon said...

When I was in Byron Bay some tree posioners (TP) had done their work. So where the trees were they had erected a green mesh screen to destroy the view anyway. It sends a big f off to the people.

There was a lot of TP going on down at Rozelle Bay around from the fish markets towards annandale and they had big signs up there, but they've just "beautified" the whole area which involved removing any remaining trees and concreting a foot path around. That annoyed me.

2P said...

2 sessions in one day - you are getting excited about 6' :-)